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Tooth Extraction

While our dentists do their best to save teeth, sometimes a tooth extraction is the best way to protect your smile.

The dentists at Pendergrass and Wilkie Dentistry in Amarillo, TX, have the expertise and diagnostic technology to assess your best option.

If extraction is necessary, we’ll make the procedure virtually painless so you can move forward.

Why Do Teeth Need to be Removed?

Our Texas practice will do everything possible to save your tooth, but there may come a time when the best option is to remove the tooth completely. We may recommend extraction if you have:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Severe decay in a tooth
  • Fractured or cracked tooth   
  • Extensive infection in a tooth's root canal
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Plans for dentures or dental implants

How Are Teeth Extracted? Tooth Extraction Timeline

We use gentle dental methods so treatment is virtually painless.
We use gentle dental methods so treatment is virtually painless.


Our dentist will first confirm the tooth cannot be saved. He can use x-rays or our cone-beam CT scanner to diagnose the problem and plan treatment. In addition to permanent teeth, our dentists are also skilled at removing wisdom teeth that are impacted or causing other problems in your mouth.


The dentist will administer a local anesthetic so you will not feel pain during the procedure.


In many cases, the dentist can simply loosen the tooth and gently remove it. If necessary, incisions will be made to better access the tooth. Sometimes the tooth will need to be broken into smaller pieces and removed. You shouldn't feel any pain during this stage, though you may feel some pressure.

Final Steps

While some people may need sutures, many will only need to bite gently down on a piece of gauze to reduce bleeding. The bleeding should slow down as a blood clot forms and usually stops entirely within 24 hours.


Our dentist will explain what to expect during recovery. You may experience some swelling and minor discomfort, which can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Need a Tooth Removed?

"I highly recommend this practice to anyone!"


Bill Jacobs


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I live in Mesa, AZ but try to come all the way to Amarillo twice a year to get my teeth cleaned.  I have had some other procedures done and Dr. Pendergrass constantly asking if I am having any pain, and more than willing to make sure I am totally comfortable throughout whatever procedure he is doing.  I highly recommend this practice to anyone!

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Teresa Willis


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I had a very good experience from the time I walked in the door until I left. The staff is very friendly and very professional.

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What Do I Do Now? Restoring Your Smile after an Extraction

The good news after you have had a tooth extracted is that you can clear up any lingering infections and look ahead toward restoring your smile and a functional bite. Our practice offers a wide variety of dental solutions you can pick from. Two of the most popular are:
Implant-Supported Crowns

Implant-Supported Crowns

Our dentists are trained in using dental implants with a natural-looking crown to replace missing teeth. This is the preferred method since it restores the entire tooth, including the root that stimulates new bone growth in your jaw.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

We can use a traditional dental bridge, supported by nearby natural teeth, to replace one or more teeth. We also offer implant-supported bridges, which can replace a long stretch of missing teeth without having to alter healthy teeth for support.

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Pendergrass & Wilkie Dentistry

The Pendergrass & Wilkie Dentistry team is committed to helping you achieve excellent oral health through compassionate, professional, and personalized dental care. Drs. Tyler L. Pendergrass and Eric S. Wilkie are highly trained, trusted doctors who belong to leading organizations, including:

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  • Texas Dental Association

To experience our advanced level of technology and welcoming dental office, call us at (806) 358-8801 or request a consultation online.

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